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Weekday, Daytime Vegetarian?

Vegetarian?I have come to the realization that I have become a weekday, daytime vegetarian. This was accidental in attempt to eat healthier, since training is over (although I should have been eating healthy during training in the first place). $50 for food is subsidized at work every week, and I’ve tried *most* of their chicken and meat dishes, and well… I’m not a big fan of them. My favorites are: Pear Salad, and Cranberry Salad. I’ve recently changed my Churro (oh, so good) breaks to crudité breaks. When I start to run out of FIM money (the name for our subsidized credit), I walk over to Bristol Farms and get some seaweed salad. Sometimes I get Poki, or some kind of sashimi. I don’t think I can convert to full vegetarian, because I LOVE my sushi! I know vegetarians also don’t eat fish, so what does that make me? I guess I’m just your average guy trying to eat healthIER.