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Griffith Park 9 Miler

I still have a love/hate relationship with running. Through these past months of training, I admit, I love the swim and bike part, but the running is my least favorite. Out of convenience though, running is my favorite because I don’t need to set up my nutrition the night before, I don’t have to set up my bike rack, I don’t have to gather up so much gear – just my running shoes and sunglasses! I look forward to our group runs though because that’s when the team gets to socialize the most. On the bike, we can’t ride side by side to have a good conversation, and on the swim… well, it’s obvious we can’t converse there. This morning, the coaches introduced us to a nice 9 mile loop around Griffith Park, to get us used to trails just like Wildflower. It wasn’t so bad because the terrain is softer, but I challenged myself to keep running without walk breaks, and did it!

Finally Doing Bay to Breakers!

I’m FINALLY doing Bay to Breakers this year! In the past few years it always conflicted with my marathon training schedule because we always practiced on Sundays, and it was usually a few weeks before the big Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon. Well this time, it’s on! Yesterday I registered, and I can’t wait!

Goodbye 2010!

Goodbye 2010! What a wonderful year it was! A year of running events, travel to 10 cities & 2 other countries, and started new adventures. Looking at the Dailymile graphic above, I *only* ran 431.21 miles. I should be at the 1000 mark, considering I did 5 marathons, but I didn’t really do any midweeks (oops!). It’s interesting to see the spikes and dips in my training though. I’ll also recap the major milestones and highlights of 2010 here:
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