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When Things Don’t Go As Planned


A few days ago, we recieved word that the Mt. Disappointment 50k Ultramarathon has been postponed. This was posted on their website:

Due to a series of chronic and persistent health problems, our Race Director is forced to announce the postponement of the 2013 Mt Disappointment 50k and 50 mile races. We apologize for the late announcement but assure you that every effort was made to carry on with this year’s running events. We are planning on rescheduling the races in 2014. Those who have already paid will be refunded their race entry fees. Again, please accept our apologies and our invitation to join us next year. If you have further questions please contact Gary Hilliard or Fausto Rowlan.

The Mt Disappointment Staff

Oh wow, positive thoughts and well wishes out to the Race Director! That race was supposed to be my next one on the schedule, so this allowed me to think and refocus my priorities. As crazy as it sounded, it was a “filler” race to pass the time anyway. Almost everyone I talked to with previous experience of the race even warned me that it would be a difficult race, so I’m actually a little relieved. At first, I was thinking about looking for a replacement, but there really isn’t a need to. I should take this time to enjoy my “off-season”. I still plan to train with The Coyotes but I’ll focus on trail climbing skills, some speedwork, and maintain my run fitness.

I’m also registered for Rock N Roll Denver Marathon in October to mark state #11 / marathon #16, but just recently I got a “Save-The-Date” postcard for my good friend’s wedding in Palm Springs (200 miles away) the Friday before the race. Technically, it would still be possible if I did the wedding on Friday, drive to Ontario Airport 70 miles closer, fly to Denver super early, then did a turnaround trip to do the race. Possible, but would be too hectic. There’s no way I’m missing out on the wedding and post-wedding fun, maybe a relaxing day at the pool then more partying at night for a race. It’s all about balance. I’ll save my training and longer runs for 2014. The race will always be there.

So 2 races off the schedule. Delete. Done. Whew! So when things don’t go as planned, don’t stress. Take a step back, re-adjust, and everything will be alright.