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UltraTEAM 2013 Recap

I was very honored to have assistant-coached this inaugural TNT UltraTEAM 23-week season. I didn’t get to blog about it during the season, but if you’re my Facebook friend, you would have seen the beautiful views and trails we saw week to week. Above was the slideshow I made for our team’s TNT send-off/inspiration dinner the week before Leona, recapping all of our adventures through the Greater LA trails.

71695_10151241123025989_1309615413_n I have to tell you, it was one of my most memorable seasons with TNT. From the very first practice, I was in awe of the scenery. Not only that, the progress of our team, from day one to Leona Divide was amazing. As time went on, we went deep into the Santa Monica and SGV Mountains, explored trails I never thought I would be running on. I was one with nature. You know that feeling when you have a window seat on the plane, looking out the window, where everything gets smaller and smaller? The feeling of all your troubles were just really minuscule? The world is out there, and we were experiencing it.

Join us next year?

Motivational Signs

What motivates you during your run?

During a big race, you’ll get a lot of spectators with many creative signs to help you through. Some will make you tear, some will make you smile. This one will make you laugh:

Run For Fun

finalrun.jpgWeek 16 Sunday Run – The FINAL One
A year and half ago, I wouldn’t have thought of even saying the following: “Today, I ran 8 miles for fun.” Since it was our last Sunday training for the San Diego Marathon participants, and since it’s a taper week to “take it easy”, we thought it would be fun if we made this a “Run For Fun”, where the Westside TNT Team invades the streets of Santa Monica and Venice with some shenanigans and costumes!

The day before I went to Wal-Mart and bought some golden boxers for only $5. I originally planned on wearing some mesh T-shirt, neon shorts, and neon wristbands, but I didn’t have much time, and since 80s style is a bit trendy at the moment, I would have paid a bunch. $5 gold boxers will do. I mixed it up with some aviator sunglasses I used for my “Dick In A Box” costume for Halloween, and a funny afro wig. What was I? I had no idea, but it looked silly. Most of the team were in a costume-wearing mood as coach Kevin was Bleeker, Coach Christy was Juno, many of the girls wore 80’s spandex, some wore bee outfits, Joe was Indy Jones, and much much more. I’m sure spectators along the beach were amazed at 75 or so runners being silly. It was our final run. Why not, right?

Photos from the run!

1nce Again

week1.jpgWeek 1: Sunday Run
When my friend Warren and I initially walked to the meeting spot for the team in front of the Santa Monica Civic Center, I was amazed at the turnout for this upcoming season. It felt great to see many alumni coming back as captains, mentors, and participants. There were so many new faces, I couldn’t wait to meet every one of them. Many of my TNT friends were surprised that I was back yet another season, because I was pretty vocal about taking a break from TNT. It was surely a last minute decision to do it again, but what motivated me to do it all over again was to join with my closest friends who have not run a marathon before.
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