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8 Hours of Katy Perry

I’ve been asked several times, “You’re practicing for so long, what do you think about?” Usually I’m pretty good with keeping my thoughts in check during training. What’s there to do when you’re out there all by yourself on these 8 hour practices? I try not to think about work, chores, bills, or anything like that, but instead I try to think positive thoughts, creative thoughts, or have some sort of inner dialogue.

On the swim, especially in open water, it’s important to not let my thoughts wander. Sharks? Stingrays? Piranhas? Sharktopus? Oh hell no! Ocean, lake, river, it doesn’t matter what creatures belong where. My mind gets crazy like that. So instead, I keep my thoughts back to my swimming form & technique. On the bike, I try to enjoy the scenery as much as I can (but not too much because I still have to keep my eyes on the road for crazy drivers here in L.A!). On the run, I’ll try to think of a song, enjoy the scenery, think about the art & design of nature, fun memories with my awesome teammates, or even nostalgic memories of past trips I’ve taken. I then do form & technique checks time to time to makes sure I’m not straining anything, or if my cadence is most efficient as possible.

So what Katy Perry song was in my head the WHOLE time during that 5/3 brick last weekend? The winner was, Katy Perry’s “T.G.I.F.”. I mean, really?!? I think it was the last song coming out of my car on Amp Radio that morning. Well, here’s the song for your enjoyment so that this will be stuck in your head too! (actually kinda catchy, especially that Kenny G saxophone solo)

Music: A-Trak Running Man

A few months ago, DJ/Producer A Trak, released a mix called “Running Man: Nike+ Original Run,” which coincided with the Nike+ Human Race with Kanye West. This is one mix not to miss if you enjoy some electro house, with some hip-hop influence. It has a MSTRKRFT feel to it, with some break beats and vocals.

You can get it on iTunes here.

Music: Trash Menagerie Mixes

What?!? Music on a blog called Running WITHOUT Music? Ok, ok, I admit, I do run with music, but only on treadmills. Do you know how boring it is running on that thing past 20 minutes? I know many of you still listen to music, so I’ll feature music that pump me up on my indoor runs. One website that I frequent for good house music mixes is Trash Menagerie. I love running to house music mainly because of its high beats per minute (BPM), and it reminds me of good times at the club. Yes, I’m tempted to just get up and dance on my runs. You’ll find some great mixes by well-known DJs like LA Riots, Little Boots, The Bloody Beetroots, Chromeo, and Crookers.

Right now, my favorite is Foamo’s House Party Mix. Check it!