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The 100 Workout

For the past month or so, we’ve been doing the 100 workout weekly in Manhattan Beach. It consists of the workout below:

Jumping jacks are pretty easy until 75 or so then it starts to burn. Crunches are doable but still gives a good core workout. Squats are great for working out the run muscles. Ooh but leg lifts are my huge weakness! Sometimes I would have to rest a few seconds. I could see these leg lifts will improve my core stability especially in my swims. Then repeat. Usually we would run for 45 or so minutes instead of the 10 scheduled in the 100, but yesterday we rushed a quick 10 minute run due to time constraints. Overall, it’s a great full body workout, with a focus on the core and leg muscles. I do hope to be consistent with this, and maybe add in 2 or 3 sessions thoughout the week!

I Heart CA

Ain’t gonna lie – I love CA. Here’s a view of Manhattan Beach during my lunchbreak from work. It’s only a little over a mile to get here and the breeze was lovely!