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The Amazing Touristas Race of LA

Earlier today, my friends Erin and Greg put together an Amazing Race type scavenger hunt all around Los Angeles. What a great fundraising idea!

Each team will have 5 hours to race throughout all of LA trying to pick up the most points by going to each of the designated Tourista spots and snapping photos of their team. We had to show our special bright object (we had a bright green mitten with Santa Claus) to signify that the photos were true and not taken at some other date. The ENTIRE team that gets back to the original start location in time AND has accumulated the most amount of points wins the CRAZY HUGE jackpot of gifts/tickets/certificates etc.

Size of team: 4-5 people per team.
Cost: $40.00 p/team pre-registered.

There were only 6 teams for this event, starting from the Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles. Our team was called Gretchen’s B!tches, and consisted of my friends Gretchen, Sheila, and Carlos. We went to famous L.A. spots such as Pink’s, Mann’s Chinese Theater, Highland for the Hollywood Sign, the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel, and much more. We only focused around the Hollywood / L.A. adjacent cities, but some teams even went as far as Dodger Stadium and the Queen Mary in Long Beach! Besides the tasks around L.A., there were bonus points for taking photos of current state license plates, and also taking photos of luxury cars (people didn’t think this was fair because people went to luxury car dealerships).

Overall though, it was crazy fun. I went to places that I’ve never been to in L.A. before, and that’s pretty sad because I was born here. It was also weird walking around Hollywood in the daytime, because I’ve always wandered those streets for the nightlife. Can’t wait for the next one (oh, there will be a next one for sure… so if you’re interested, let me know!)

Check out the photos from The Amazing Touristas Race of LA