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TNT Fundraiser: Game of Four

Yesterday, Holly and I hosted “Game of Four“, which was a Connect Four tournament for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. It was all to raise funds for our training for Ironman Canada in a few months. West 4th / Jane, a usual host for our MAN v BAR pub crawl fundraiser, was very happy to help us out. They usually have these types of tournaments, so all the board games were provided. A TNT teammate from the tri team, Dana, also hooked me up with marketing and documentation on when she did the exact same event a few months ago. We had a bunch of door & opportunity drawing prizes, such as movies, video games, bike apparel, running shoes, concert tickets to the Wiltern and The Roxy in Hollywood. We had a pretty good turnout (not as much as MAN v BAR), but enough to have a good 4 hours of drinking and playing fun. We also gave away West 4th / Jane gift certificates and Connect Four board games. I have to admit, we were a bit tired from the morning’s practice, but we powered through for what we thought was a successful event!

View our event photos!

Madness to Beat Cancer

My teammate, Scott and I set up a new fundraiser for the college hoops fanatics out there for March Madness, called Madness to Beat Cancer. It uses the CBS Sports bracket system, so you’ll have to be a member first (it’s free), then join. It’s $20 donation to enter, half goes to the pool, and the other half is donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Check our website for details!

Speed Dating Marathon

It’s a marathon of mini dates to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! My friends at the Westside TNT team are at it again with some fun and exciting fundraisers!

Who: L.A.’s most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes
What: Speed Dating to find a cure for blood cancer
When: Sunday, 12/7 5pm-7pm
Where: Joe’s Tavern 8771 West Pico Blvd at Robertson

How it works:
26 of L.A.’s finest will be yours for an evening of titillating conversation in the hope’s finding you your Miss Right or Miss Right Now…For 2 hours bachelors will circle around the room stopping at each beauty’s table for a 2 minute mini date. At the end of the evening you will have the option of giving your email address out to Miss Right. If she also felt the sparks the moderator will send you her email address. You are then free to continue the love connection on top of the warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping cure cancer!

Cost: $20

RSVP: Courtney.Gush@lls.org