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Never Gonna Give You Up

Tonight was Karina’s Mentor Group’s fundraiser event at the Santa Monica Bar & Grille, in yes you guessed it, Santa Monica. They are usually closed on Mondays but with some TNT pulling some strings, they opened it up for us. It was Karaoke Night, and it was so fun! From songs by The Killers, to 80s Rock, to Pop, all the performances were amazing, and the crowd getting into all the performances made it that much better! Whenever our team gets together for social events, there’s never a dull moment!

Pictures and Videos from the event


Week 2 Sunday RunWeek 2: Sunday Run
There’s a huge difference between last week (no intervals) and this week (with intervals). This week, everyone ran 4 miles, this time running from the Santa Monica pier, north on Ocean Ave to San Vicente and 4th Street, then back. We were assigned our pace groups, and I was put into Group 4. We ran 5:1’s, which is a 5 minute run, and a 1 minute walk. It’s supposed to help you regulate your heart rate, and also work out other muscles, especially when you walk. It is so much easier to do a long run with intervals, and I’m thankful for that. It’s one mile more than last, but when we were all done, I felt great. After, we were off to The Firehouse for some delicious brunch with the Team.

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