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Feed The Machine

I’ve been going to this shop in Hermosa Beach called Feed The Machine for nutrition needs, originally introduced to me from my teammate Chris S a few months ago. I met the owner Cyril, and we had a pleasant conversation on electrolyte intake for long training sessions, and the different races that we do. I went in because I needed to replenish my Carbo-Pro (this will be my third case!), and ended up getting way more than I needed! I also bought some Honey Stinger Waffles that everyone’s been raving about, so I’ll experiment with those on the bike, some EFS gels for my run, and I also bought some Sport Multi, a multivitamin that Cyril developed that’s supposedly better than more natural than others. So, I’m just experimenting with nutrition – although I feel like a lab rat now, but it’s better I find out now that I can’t stomach certain things than on raceday!