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Awesome 80’s Run

My IronTEAM “Off-Season” schedule is filling up pretty quickly with… yup, you guessed it, more races. This time a fun 10k run, but a week after my Ironman in Canada. Can you say, Recovery Run? This event will be in Pasadena, on September 1st 7am, hosted by Superhero Events, LLC. It looks and sounds pretty fun! One of my teammates originally posted it on Facebook, and you know how social media peer pressure goes, a bunch of us signed up! What’s 6.2 miles among friends anyway? …AND we get to dress up in 80’s crazy neon gear? We also get a shirt and a medal! It’s pretty rare for these smaller 5k and 10k runs to give medals, so I’m excited for that!

You can sign-up on their registration site, and also get involved in their community on their Facebook Page.

Nike Human Race LA

The Nike+ Human Race is on August 31, which I believe replaced the ever so popular One Hit Remix. Sure, the One Hit Remix was fun, but the acts were all “one hit wonders” or performers who are out of the scene. This time around, Nike went all out and booked some talented acts. It’s going to happen all across the world in cities such as Austin, Chicago, New York, London, Paris, and much much more. Every city will have a different performer. Here in LA, we’ll have Kanye West, partying it up for all the finishers in this worldwide 10k event. I’m now officially signed up. It’s only $35, so hurry and sign up before it’s sold out!