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Speed Dating Marathon

It’s a marathon of mini dates to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! My friends at the Westside TNT team are at it again with some fun and exciting fundraisers!

Who: L.A.’s most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes
What: Speed Dating to find a cure for blood cancer
When: Sunday, 12/7 5pm-7pm
Where: Joe’s Tavern 8771 West Pico Blvd at Robertson

How it works:
26 of L.A.’s finest will be yours for an evening of titillating conversation in the hope’s finding you your Miss Right or Miss Right Now…For 2 hours bachelors will circle around the room stopping at each beauty’s table for a 2 minute mini date. At the end of the evening you will have the option of giving your email address out to Miss Right. If she also felt the sparks the moderator will send you her email address. You are then free to continue the love connection on top of the warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping cure cancer!

Cost: $20

RSVP: Courtney.Gush@lls.org

Running the Grand Canyon

Here’s a video that I came across YouTube of athletes running the Grand Canyon last year, South Rim to North Rim and back again via the Bright Angel, North Kaibab, and south Kaibab Trails! 48 miles in 12:20. Check out that cliff! Watch out for that rock!

Mind What You Eat

Active.com Nutrition came out with an article titled, “Simple Strategies for Better Eating Habits“. It’s a great article answering some of the common questions I had on my initial search for eating healthier. Nancy Clark, the writer, talks about common perceptions of certain foods, like protein, if it’s something you really need. Is organic food better for you, or does it even make a difference?

She also writes, “If you want to improve the quality of your diet, think about one thing you could do each day to contribute to a healthier intake. Write down your goal for the day, then assess your level of confidence in achieving that goal. For example, your goal might be to eat fruit with lunch.

A closer look into my nutrition and eating habits will be something new I will incorporate in my training. I have never.. yes, NEVER, paid attention to what I eat. We’re not getting any younger, and my metabolism clearly isn’t as what it used to be, so I’m making a point now to be mindful of what I eat. I will explore many different tools in the next few weeks and I’ll report then to you here. Probably the closest form of nutritional discipline I’ve had is refraining from drinking coffee and soda. I won’t go out of my way to get any of those. Even that said, if it’s there, I’ll try a different alternative. I really don’t need caffeine to keep me awake through the day. I’ve already noticed that being active alone does wonders for me day to day.

The next big nutritional challenge. Thanksgiving in a few days.

Pee Like a Champ

Have you seen this clip of Paula Radcliffe during the London Marathon 2005 stopping during her race to “use the restroom?”

Guess what? She still won.

The $5 Project

I begin to wonder what IS the tipping point in which people will decide to donate or not. $1 (Erin’s The Dollar Project) is a good number because people pretty much give dollars away at parking meters, drop loose change in their cars and couches, and more. $2.62 (Jamie) took that idea to another level, and put a marathon theme to it (a marathon is 26.2 miles. get it?). My friend Channing took it to another level and brought it up to $5. What is $5 nowadays? It won’t even get your 2 gallons of gas, nor a bottle of beer (except Happy Hour) at a bar. She keeps it to a very affordable amount, and if everyone she tells donates, she will get to her goal pretty quickly.

There’s many factors to many people’s donation decisions such as personal connection to the cause, personal connection to the participant, external factors such as their own financial situation, and sometimes just by the way someone campaigns their marketing. This is where the themed campaigns work best. I mean, you could be in competition with the runner next to you, and by personal experience, a majority of people will not have a thought out campaign other than having a story of why they run, and who it’s for. Sometimes it IS that extra bit of creativity that will get someone to donate to you.

Visit my friend Channing’s Fundraising Page. She’s training for the Honolulu Marathon coming in a few weeks, so any help is much appreciated!

Music: A-Trak Running Man

A few months ago, DJ/Producer A Trak, released a mix called “Running Man: Nike+ Original Run,” which coincided with the Nike+ Human Race with Kanye West. This is one mix not to miss if you enjoy some electro house, with some hip-hop influence. It has a MSTRKRFT feel to it, with some break beats and vocals.

You can get it on iTunes here.

Perfect Running Form

What is the perfect running form? An article from RunnersWorld.com gives us a few pointers because every little thing affects our running form. Where is your head tilted? How do you sway your arms? Are your shoulders relaxed? Is your stride too long? I remember my first season in Team In Training my running form was so bad, I was aching everywhere! I would get shin splints so easily, and my shoulders were so sore. I made a few adjustments, to my stride, and payed attention to my upper body motion, and eventually, it fixed itself. It may not be as easy as it sounds, but be a little patient and make adjustments on each of your runs. Your body will adapt. For best results though, there are some training centers out there that will record your running form and recommend adjustments. I haven’t tried it myself, but close running friends of mine highly suggest it.

Read The Perfect Form on Runner’s World.

San Diego County TNT

It’s very interesting to see what other chapters are doing, so I came across this Viddler video of the San Diego County TNT, who is training for the Half & Full Marathons taking place at Walt Disney World, Phoenix, and Carlsbad in January 2009.

Are You a Newbie?

Are you a beginner level runner? Runner’s World has a channel just for you!

Beginning Runners: RunnersWorld.com

Here’s some advice for the beginning runner:

  • If you train with a team, or coach, don’t be afraid to ask them questions (I mean ANY question) because that’s what they’re there for
  • Don’t try to race (or even mentally race) that person next to you, they could be runners of a different level anyway
  • Hydrate!
  • Buy your shoes at a specialized running store, not Footlocker or Big 5.

There’s A LOT more you’d have to take into consideration, so I recommend you check out Beginning Runners: RunnersWorld.com for more tips.


I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to fundraise for the Team. Jamie, a mentee of one of my friends still in Team in Training has an interesting twist in her marketing. She’s asking each person to donate $2.62, which is a mere $0.10 a mile. Remember back in elementary school when you would ask your parents and family to sponsor a lap? It’s pretty much the same concept. It’s like the Sponsor A Mile campaign from my friend Michelle, mixed with the affordability of the Dollar Project by Erin.

Go ahead and donate $2.62.