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The #TeamMari Challenge


As you all know, from previous blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates, my very good friend and teammate Kelly Miyahara made it to the final round of voting for Kona Inspired! It’s a contest by Ironman.com that gives athletes a chance to race Ironman Kona (2.4 mile swim, 112 bike, 26.2 run) this October. If she gets in, she will race in memory of our good friend, Marisela, who was tragically killed in a bicycle accident training for Ironman Arizona with Team in Training.

I believe Kelly has a very good chance of getting in, but there’s still a lot of work! Voting officially started midnight today and will last for 10 days until June 27. No registration or email required. Just a simple vote! How easy is that??

10 days of the same social media updates to vote can get pretty repetitive, so we invite you to the #TeamMari Challenge! For the next 10 days, we challenge YOU to do a simple workout in dedication of #TeamMari. It’s ok if you didn’t know her personally, or even any of us personally, if you believe in this cause, that’s all we ask. It could be as simple as 5 pushups, a walk around the block, a few mile run, cycle around the block, walk the dog, whatever. Be creative, be silly, we don’t mind! We just want to spread awareness of this contest, and you are the key to make this happen!

For example, this is what I did today: Swam during my lunch hour!


And this is what I posted on Facebook:

For the next 10 days of the Kona Inspired voting period, I’ll do a workout in dedication of #TeamMari. I challenge you to do the same! Today, I brought out my floaties for a lunch swim in this awesome weather! Please vote here every time I post! >> http://konakelly.com/

It just requires two things:
1) #TeamMari hashtag
2) Voting URL: http://konakelly.com

Feel free to post it to any social network you please: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, DailyMile, Myspace, Instagram, etc!

Simple, right? Day one is almost over, so we urge you to think about it, and join us tomorrow and help us promote!

If you’re not interested, thank you for considering anyway and reading this far in my blog update. We would like your vote at the very least, so please visit http://konakelly.com. (You may vote once every 24 hours, so please bookmark and keep voting. Thanks so much!!