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Day One

Day one of my improved nutrition plan is in the books! It wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. Sure, there was more prep the night before, and the morning of, but it was very manageable. Let me tell you about my previous morning habits. I would skip breakfast, or just go to the deli at work. Then sometimes, like yesterday, deliciousness like below magically appears in the kitchen:


Yeah, good luck with that! I usually have two, throw in some shmear, and done. Not yesterday! It took a lot to just say no to that. So having to prep even just breakfast was a big deal to me. Breakfast was easy though – I cooked up some organic steel cut oats (yum!), added some light coconut milk, then some raspberries on top. Delicious! But wait, there’s more. I actually prepared my lunch, and snacks that morning too! It doesn’t look that picture worthy, but here’s my lemon/orange marinated chicken on top of baby spinach and romaine, drizzled with Trader Joe’s raspberry vinaigrette.


For a mid-morning snack, I had two apples and some raw walnuts. All the morning meals fueled me well for the return of our work’s Lunch Run Club. It was our first meeting, so it was only four that ran. We went down Rosecrans to the Fry’s, which was the start of the Wood Chip Trail in Manhattan Beach. We did a little out & back by time, and completed a nice 3.25 miles.


After I showered up and returned to the office, on my way to the kitchen, I saw this:


Free for the taking. Nope, denied it once again! Bam! Continued to get my lunch, which was actually pretty tasty and filling.

Mid-day, back to our office kitchen, on my way to get my yogurt and fruit snack, I look to my left and see this:


Awww damn! Those M&M’s look soooo good! Nope! Denied that too! The Yogurt & fruit was also delicious – no complaints there! By 4:30pm, my boss invites everyone out to Happy Hour. Damn! Out of ALL days, there’s a happy hour at Day One! Happy Hours are common in our company though. I mean, we have a beer fridge AND a Kegerator. I did go down to hang out, but denied alcohol and all the other bar food. I also even denied an invite to eat some Ramen (one of my favorites) in West LA’s Little Tokyo area.

For dinner, I cooked up some ground turkey, sprinkled with some spices and garlic powder from Trader Joe’s. Toasted up some sprouted Ezekiel Bread, put a bit of TJ’s BBQ sauce on one bread, added some spinach, to make one turkey burger. It was actually my first time cooking ground turkey – I didn’t even know such a thing existed! For a drink, I had some sparkling lime water, and mashed up some raspberries in it for extra flavor. Sat back on the couch, then watched a little NBA Finals action.

After the game, I tried Flax Seed for the first time. It’s high in fiber, Omega-3’s, antioxidants, vitamins, and low in carbs. I was told to chug this plant wonderfood down mixed with juice, every night. It doesn’t dissolve easily, so if I just let it sit there, you’ll see it all collect at the bottom, so I downed it quickly. The juice flavor overpowered the graininess taste of the flax.

That’s day one, folks. As you can see, it wasn’t too strict and crazy. I don’t think it was a far departure from what I’m used to. I don’t expect to see results overnight, as I understand this is a process, like how when I’m triathlon training, I saw progress over time. I’m not going to blog every single day of this program, but I’ll post many firsts and some interesting tidbits I learn along the way!