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Dropped Off and Ready to Ship!

After practice & lunch, I had one hour to prepare my nutrition to be shipped with Tri Bike Transport for Canada. I didn’t realize until a few days ago that we were allowed a “gear bag” with our bike, which was such good news because the bulk of packing for a big triathlon would be bottles, nutrition, and helmet. And that I did. I measured powders (1 serving of Accelerade + 0.75 serving of Carbo-Pro, for the bike, and only 1 serving of Accelerade for the run) for each bottle into its own zip lock bag, then stuffed it into each bottle.

I posted the picture on Facebook, and people wondered why I had so many bottles. 7 bottles for the bike (1 per hour), 2 for the run (1 to start, 1 at special needs), 2 more for the training beforehand, then 1 more for recovery fluid. I’m a visual guy, so I had to lay it all out on the counter and check things off. Good thing I did though, I didn’t account for my race run bottles at first! Initially tried to pack it all into a small gym bag, but it wouldn’t fit my helmet, so then I just used my TYR Tri Bag. It was a perfect fit! Did it all in about 30 minutes, then it was off to Performance Bicycle I went! It was an easy drop off – filled out some labels, then they gave me the ticket stubs (I better not forget that one!). Done, and done! Goodbye bike! See you in Canada!