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1 x 4000

So the swim set last night simply said “1 x 4000.” There’s something daunting about doing that kind of distance in a pool, especially since each lap is 25 yards, meaning it was 160 times back and forth, back and forth. We had to “snake” through the pool (nothing new here), starting at one part of the pool, swim down, then duck under the lane line, then swim back, zigzagging to the end. Ugh… pretty annoying. The ocean swims are a little better because it’s a straight (or very crooked) 2+ miles. I do tend to get my rhythm after 30 minutes, so this 25 yard switch direction was still a huge challenge. In the end, my watch clocked 4500 yards. I think it added the walk on the deck between snake loops, but hey, I’ll take it!