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Donation Wars Challenge

A few weeks ago, our team had our annual OC to San Diego ride and I had an initial fundraising goal of $80 for that week, for the 80 miles biked. Donations came in throughout the day by my friends and family and eventually surpassed 80, so I thought, “What if the total donation amount can top the total number of miles trained that week?” Result? $106 fundraised but 103 miles trained. You won in that round.

The following week, I didn’t announce that same “challenge” to anyone, plus it was a crazy workweek then I had to go out of town. Result? $35 fundraised, but only 16 miles trained (oops! hey, I was busy!). You won again.

What now? Well, another week is upon us. Swam on Tuesday, busy these past few days, but a big weekend is coming up. With some warmup and tune up miles prior, Wildflower Long Course Triathlon is 1.2 miles, 56 bike, then 13.1 run. I’m estimating another 80 mile week.

So I challenge YOU… readers of my blog, friends, family, Twitter followers, everyone. Every week, now until my race at the end of August. Can your donations top the number of miles trained? Every week I’ll update with graphs and estimated mileage goals.

0-2 is my record, and if by the end of August, the number of Donation weeks won is more than Mileage weeks, then I’ll __________________. That hasn’t been determined yet, but suggestions only from donors accepted, then I’ll have the donors vote too. I just had to get this idea out before the big race this weekend.

So what are you waiting for? Please visit my fundraising page and donate now, or click Donate in the upper right column of this page. Thank you! All donations support LLS, so it’s a win-win!