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The St. Patrick’s Day Pits

This past weekend was a 7 mile run simulation of the Wildflower Long Course’s “Pits” at the Palisades area of Santa Monica. It’s called “The Pits” because of the out and back nature, highest point at the middle, then the lowest points of elevation at the ends. Unfortunately, due to the weather, our original training plan of a bike ride was nixed because of some harsh rain. It was optional for us to do a trainer ride at the meeting spot, Rustic Canyon Park. My trainer wouldn’t fit in my little car, so I just did the run.

Running in the rain was probably an understatement for what we experienced that morning. Monsoon, maybe? COLD, windy, sideways rain, water up to our ankles. I’d say it was one of the harshest weather I’ve experienced on the run. I was glad though that mud wasn’t involved. Since we were just running in the neighborhood, it was relatively clean compared to last year’s muddy & raining Wildflower training weekend. At first, we were trying to skip over puddles, but once we accepted the fact that in the end we’ll be soaking wet, that’s when the fun was happening. Jumping in puddles, no wait, pools of rain, running against/with the wind. Even better, it was with the most amazing people I know. If I was training alone, if there was no one to start & end with, I’d be miserable. I mean, who does this, on purpose? Most of us would probably opt for a nice indoor treadmill, or nothing at all.