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Return of the Hunger Monster

On Tuesday, we had our usual coached swim. Not really sure how far I swam, but it was an hour worth of splish-splashing fun. We did quite a few sprint intervals to get our heart rates up, then did a few drills crowding the lanes with similar-speed teammates and did races across the lane. Boy, it was a pretty tough workout, but again, felt great in the end… and HUNGRY. You see, we always joke about these “monsters” that exist in the season, and in particular, the Hunger Monster always attacks after the swim. I ended up going to Chego after practice and had their Prime Rib Rice Plate (w/fried egg, water spinach, Chinese broccoli creamed horseradish, roasted garlic paste, shallots) AND Pina Krackalada (coconut sticky rice, candied pineapple, puffy rice krackle, sesame). THAT’s how hungry I was. Oh, so good!