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Getting Back to Business

The past 7 days have been pretty tough on my schedule, and have made a big dent on my training. I know a week still isn’t so bad being out of the game, but I missed last Saturday’s last build ride against some monster headwinds, and even though I ran on Sunday, I did NOTHING until today, which was a scheduled swim. I pulled a 60 hour workweek in 4 days, so the company gave some of us Friday off. I took the whole day to recover from the madness, slept in a little, cleaned house, ate some delicious pancakes in Hollywood, and relaxed the rest of the day. It was magical.

When it was time for me to swim, I checked our swim schedule (yes, I live dangerously and don’t check things until 5 minutes before I leave), and it’s broken up to different swim skill. Even our coach called me out and said “Marvin Rule – Keep scrolling…” because in the beginning I only did the intermediate. The last section is for the advanced and alumni – 3,500 yards!

I made it through the Westside traffic and got to the Westwood Equinox with ample time before it closes. When I got to the door, it was locked! They were closed for a special event. Great. What now? A worker inside said I could go to the West LA a few miles away, which was 80% converted Equinox from LA Sports Club. It was probably one of the nicest gyms I’ve been to, even better than the South Bay Equinox. I got lost inside. It had a full bar (for after, of course), a deli bar with seating (looked like a food court), salon, spa, lounge chairs and couches. It was amazing. It was 4 stories, and the pool was an indoor one at the top. Interior was still carpet, which was non-Equinox style. I can already imagine how sweet it will all look when it’s done. Unfortunately, my membership tier doesn’t allow me to go here. It was only temporary for me because Westwood was closed. For me to upgrade, my monthly would be around the $225 mark. Ummmm, no thanks. Awesome gym though, I was glad I was able to experience that!