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LEVEL Run Club @ Monterey

Last weekend, our company, LEVEL Studios flew the company to Monterey, CA for our annual Kickoff Party. We usually don’t do a holiday party in December because it gets pretty busy for everyone with the holidays, so January gives us a fresh start on a high note. Because of this weekend trip, it threw my training somewhat out of the window. I missed a Build 2 phase brick Saturday, which would have been a 40 mile ride, with run after. I think I danced 4 hours at the company party at night, so that counts towards my workout, right?

So just like New Year’s Day, or the day after MAN v BAR 7, like my coach would say I’d “Boot & Rally” and always make it to practice after a long night of “fun.” Sunday was no different. I believe I got back to my hotel room at 3am, and still made it to run at 8am Sunday morning. Coworkers thought I was crazy, given that the party was open bar. Tino and I usually lead the LA office run club during the week, so he showed up, but also our new receptionist Tracy and her boyfriend made an appearance as well. The hotel gave us a running route, a 6 mile loop, that took us along Monterey Bay. After the first loop, I felt good enough to try more since the training schedule said 9 miles minimum or 90 minutes. I ended up doing 11 because I needed more mileage for my Austin Marathon training even though I should be at 18-20 that weekend. I wanted to run longer but I was on a time limit of the shuttle bus to the airport was leaving 30 minutes after I finished. It was such a scenic run though, beautiful views, perfect weather – I seriously loved it! Check out the scenes below.