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Thankful 2011, Cheers to 2012

I thought 2010 was crazy with 5 full marathons and 6 half marathons, but 2011 topped that tenfold as my year of the triathlon. Never have done one before, it was the year I did 2 olympics, 1 half Iron, 1 full Iron. Oh yeah, I JUST learned how to swim too. Also, because of all that tri training I was able to set my Half Marathon PR (2:01) AND Full Marathon PR (4:29) in between! I could not be so excited and happy to have accomplished what I thought was IMPOSSIBLE one year ago. Yes, all this sounds crazy, but I owe a lot of credit for my coaches, mentors, teammates, and Honored Teammates Laura Maloney and Anabel Holland to help me push my limits and bring out my potential I didn’t realize I have. Not only that, they are a daily inspiration of why I do the things I do. TNT never ceases to amaze me. I’m also thankful for my friends & family for being so supportive through this journey.

Now for 2012, as far as training, sure I have my fundraising event, Ironman Canada, at the end of the TNT season, but my goal isn’t a PR at that race. What? More Ironman Triathlons? Who knows? I’m looking to “build a strong foundation” out of this season for greater things in the future. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I want to improve my running form and fitness so I could one day tackle an Ultra Marathon. I want to improve my swimming technique so that I can actually enjoy it during triathlons (it’s still pretty difficult for me). I want to improve my bike strength and technique to tackle whatever hill and turns I may encounter. The ultimate goal out of this is to stay healthy and not get injured.

I’m so ready to take on 2012. I’m so excited, words can’t really explain. The season just begun, and I can’t wait to see my teammates grow and improve like they’ve never before.