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Last 70.3 Team Swim

Tonight was the last swim session with the 70.3 team and everyone else. There’s no other coaches swim this week, so everyone was expected to swim tonight. We packed the lanes, then we treaded water for about 10 minutes (which I really suck at). The workout was mixed with drills, a main set, and some pool games. The team was split into two teams, lined up against one lane, then we did a relay, racing one-on-one doing a 50 yard sprint. Whew! That was killer! I was swimming as if I was being chased by a shark! It was a super fun time as everyone was cheering for everyone else. The second game, we all had our kickboards and created HUGE waves along a lane while people would swim down it. Time ran out, so not everyone did it. Oh darn!

When it was all over, everyone was feeling all sad but happy at the same time for the 70.3 team, who will be venturing up to Santa Rosa this week for the event they’ve all been training for all season. Oh how far they’ve all come, and I’m so proud of them. Good luck, Vineman 70.3 team!!