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The Big Bad Blue

Of course, a tough Saturday is not enough for us – we continued the weekend back at Tower 26 for an ocean open water swim + run. As you can see above, those waves were a crazy WTF. It took me about 15 minutes to get past the first round of breakers, being tumbled, flipped, and turned like no other. I was beginning to think I was part of a Cirque Du Soleil performance! It wasn’t until Coach Brad told the last remaining still at shore, “5 minutes! Either you’re in… or you’re out!”, that I just had to suck it up and just face those waves and overcome it. Two tries after that, I actually got past it! I was cheering and screaming in the water as if I already finished an Ironman!

It wasn’t over yet…. I swam about a mile to the buoy, and boy did we swim off course! Some of us went really deep into the ocean that the buoy looked like a small pebble to our right towards the shore. Luckily I was able to make it out safely. Some of us were so rattled by the waves that it was so tough to go back in again. I was with my teammate Adam, and we decided to go back again, because we had to sieze the moment. We might as well go back since we’re out here! The second time facing the waves was even scarier than the first! I was hit by a double wave that I hit my heat (gently) on the ocean floor, then again on my butt! I eventually got through, and the second loop wasn’t so bad after all. Out of the water, I transitioned to a 6.5 mile run to complete a total of 23 miles for the weekend.

Last build weekend – DONE!