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Beware of Sharktopus!

Most people’s fear of the ocean is what’s actually in those waters. Growing up to watching Jaws, then watching Shark Week, no wonder why we fear the ocean so much! It all started on one of my teammate’s Facebook walls about a Whale Shark and all it’s massiveness. Then talks of Sharktopus emerged! Since then, we’re always referring to OWS experiences of avoiding that Sharktopus! This morning, we met at Tower 26 in Santa Monica, scheduled to do 5 buoy loops. Because the main focus of these swims is actual swimming, not braving the waves, the coaches gave a modified course for those having trouble with the waves. Instead of going back to shore, instead I had to swim south for 5 minutes, head toward shore, but right before the waves start to break, head back towards the buoy. So it was more of an opposite triangle from everyone else. Removing the wave factor, I actually did it! 5 buoy loops! The farthest I’ve ever swam in the ocean! Woohoo!