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Look at This Stuff, Isn’t It Neat?

Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Ok, I thought I’ve seen all of the pool drills our coaches had to offer, but tonight they threw in a curveball. Most of the sets were drills, so at the very end, they gave us something to tie our feet together! Yes, no kicking. It’s not like swimming with a pool buoy because your legs just sink! The object is to use all upper body for forward momentum, and good body position and balance. The whole time I was sinking and had to grab on to the lane dividers. After a good 15 minutes, coach Brad saw I wasn’t really improving, so he gave me a pool buoy to cheat and finish the sets. The whole time I was thinking Little Mermaid (without the fins to keep us afloat). I’m sure the coaches had a good laugh at their struggling participants trying to figure this out. Some people eventually got it and swim pretty well with them on. Me? Well, I can’t even swim WITHOUT them, so how could you expect me to swim with them on?