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Wildflower Endorphin Report

Earlier today I got an email from Avia Wildflower with an attachment called the Endorphin Report, a 34 page report, which has all the stats you could possibly think of during a race – pace, rank, strength of each stage, who you passed and when, who passed you, your splits, maps, you name it. Bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts… it’s a stat geek’s dream!

Basically shows how much I suck. No, really. Well, I don’t really care because I’m still a beginner triathlete, and that was no easy course. All that mattered to me is that I finished it! Here’s some general stats of my race:

Time: 00:58:00
Distance: 1.22 miles (1.96 KM, 2143 yards)

Time: 00:06:37

Time: 04:01:33
Distance: 90.13 KM (56 miles)

Time: 00:04:3

Time: 02:40:27
Distance: 21.1 KM (13.1 miles)

Time: 7:51:11
Overall Rank: 1503 / 1729 (Top 86.9%)
Rank Among Males: 1151 / 1281 (Top 89.9%)
Rank Among All 30-34 Males: 224 / 245 (Top 91.4%)
Rank In Your Division: 211 / 232 (Top 90.9%)

Read my somewhat embarrassing report here.