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Wildflower Send-Off Social

The majority of time spent with the team is either swim practice or bike/run practices on weekends. Most of us don’t care if we even match clothing, if bike grease marks are on our hands, or even if our hair is fixed. Makeup? What makeup? We always have multiple layers of gear on from sunglasses to arm warmers to visors.

After 6 months of training we finally had a social event (outside of each other’s participant fundraisers) with the team, specifically a “send-off” event for our Wildflower fundraisers on their event. It was our first time in a non-race related event being outside of training clothes. What? Who are you again? Many were dressed up quite nicely, and needed a few seconds to recognize my own teammates! Being it was a Sunday afternoon, the bar practically to ourselves, it turned out to be a very fun event! Yes, we DO talk more than triathlon topics (although it’s difficult not to). Our social captain Kelly also put together a “TNT Bingo” game where it got everyone there to discover a little bit more info about our teammates. The afternoon lead to group shots, and mild craziness (I say mild because it was barely 7pm still).