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Oh Mandy!

Today was pretty much a mini-triathlon in Santa Monica. After the ocean swim, we biked north on Ocean and did the Amalfi Hills and up to Mandeville Canyon, and popular climbing ride here. We had to climb up “Mandy” twice, and by my facial expression above, it’s no easy feat. It was hard to imagine that this week was even called “recovery.” What the! Coming down the hill, I had some issues with my bike clips not attaching to my pedals. Tried multiple times, and it just would not clip in! Maybe it was a rock, or it was dirty. Eventually, it clipped in, but maybe 80% of the descent, I was spinning on one leg. I was one of the last cyclists in because of this complication, then a 30 minute run was in order. Again, another complication – maybe 5 minutes in, I noticed my run watch didn’t START. Doh! My mileage on the watch said 2666?? Mileage wasn’t increasing, so I was pretty much winging it by the time. Oh well, I think it wasn’t picking up the GPS correctly, so it just bonked on me. It better not do this on raceday! Overall, a lot of learning was done today despite the setbacks on all 3 sports. I can only be positive about it and look forward to the next practice!