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Tonight marked another milestone in my training! It was an hour and a half practice at the Culver City Plunge, and swam a total of 3050 yards!

What does that look like?

1×300 – Swim 100, kick 100, swim 100
1×50 – Stroke count
6×50 – One arm drill declining switch, First 50 switch every 6 strokes, next 50 5, etc
2×50 – Stroke count down
4×50 – Drills, 50 one arm, 50 hipe slap repeat
2×50 – Stroke count down, swim back dropping 2 strokes
1×50 – Stroke count each lap
2×100 – Easy first 75 then croc the tail for last 25
4×400 – Sighting 1x per lap
1×150 – Long Glides

I was 150 into the last 400, so I was short 400 yards, but we snaked for 400 yards in the end. What is a snake? We all started at the deep end of the pool, swam down the lane, go under the lap rop, swim back, and zig zag. Once we’re at the end, we got out of the pool, walked to the start again and repeat. We had to go at full effort the first loop, then the second was lower. 50 cooldown.

Yes, it was intense. Yes, it was difficult, but it was probably the best swim I’ve ever had. I was keeping up with the rest of the team, and was very aware of my technique and what I had to do to correct it. It was a bit refreshing because it was a little warm out and the water was nice and cool. I can confidently say I “got it”.