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Griffith Park 9 Miler

I still have a love/hate relationship with running. Through these past months of training, I admit, I love the swim and bike part, but the running is my least favorite. Out of convenience though, running is my favorite because I don’t need to set up my nutrition the night before, I don’t have to set up my bike rack, I don’t have to gather up so much gear – just my running shoes and sunglasses! I look forward to our group runs though because that’s when the team gets to socialize the most. On the bike, we can’t ride side by side to have a good conversation, and on the swim… well, it’s obvious we can’t converse there. This morning, the coaches introduced us to a nice 9 mile loop around Griffith Park, to get us used to trails just like Wildflower. It wasn’t so bad because the terrain is softer, but I challenged myself to keep running without walk breaks, and did it!