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UCLA North Pool

This morning’s swim lesson was moved to another part of UCLA, which was the North Pool. Not as nice as the Spieker Pool, but it’s the lessons that matter. My friend Petty was out sick, so it was just me and my instructor, so it was pretty much a private session. She felt that I didn’t need fins, and I was up for the challenge. You see, I never really learned how to tread in water before either, so I was a bit scared. She started me off in the shallow part of the pool, practicing with the kickboard, then towards the deeper end. Once at the end, she slowly got me to let go of the board and tread. After a rough start and few tries, I eventually got it! I practiced breathing and becoming more comfortable, as I was doing the egg beater with my legs, and waiving my arms in a circle 8 motion (stuff I learned from YouTube videos). As I bobbed up and down, and became one with the water. It wasn’t so bad after all!

Next, I moved on to backstrokes. Never did that either, so she slowly introduced more moves. I think it’s easier to do because breathing this way is better, but water does go up my nose and it did bother me a little. A few laps up and down the pool, I was confidently check off another skill I learned today! It was very productive, and I think I’ll stop these private sessions after maybe two more sessions. I’m just so happy now that I’m more comfortable in the water, and my fears of the deep end has diminished!