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Happy New Year!

I took a break this weekend from training since it’s a holiday weekend. Training this morning was an optional bike ride, so I took advantage of it. Last night my friends and I went to Katsuya, a sushi restaurant at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles, where $85 gave us unlimited drinks AND all you can eat food! Two rows of food, varying from sushi to meat & rice dishes, servers walking around with platters of delicious appetizers, good music, and a great crowd of people. I loved how it was crowded, but not too much – you can still comfortably would around the dancefloor without bumping elbows. After the party, we stayed at my friend’s loft nearby.

The next day, on the real 1-1-11, we went to the Do Over in Hollywood, continuing the party weekend, renamed “The New Over” just for this event. It was a larger venue at Jane’s House, originally buit in 1903, and home to many of Hollywood’s hottest parties. There were free Bloody Mary’s, and carafes of sangria to purchase. Guest DJs from across the nation come play here. I wasn’t sure who DJ’ed, but music was fun! Probably danced about an hour or so. That counts as a workout right?

The night continued in Long Beach where I hung out with my sister and husband doing our own little pub crawl around downtown LBC. They had work on NYE so it was nice for them to invite and continue the party. We almost went to Las Vegas as a last minute road trip, but the thought of driving back in that traffic changed our mind. It’s never a dull time with them, so it was a great way to start 2011!