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I Wear Tight Shorts

One of the things I had to get over when training for a triathlon is that I have to wear tight shorts for swimming and biking. Initially, I was very uncomfortable because I’ve never worn tight shorts before. I’ve never really had to. I was warned by my roommate that yes, it will feel weird, but since everyone else is wearing the same thing, the fears will wear off, and it did. Some of the last few things I needed to get for training were more shorts. Swimming almost everyday, I needed some backup shorts, and the last time I ran in biker shorts with the extra padding, it felt really weird like I took a dump in my shorts, that I needed true triathlon shorts.

A great source for endurance sports accessories and gear is Amazon.com. I initially used it for my holiday online shopping a few weeks ago, but when I saw the benefits of great deals in combination with free shipping and no sales tax, it was a no brainer to use it again. Each of the above shorts were discounted at least $15, so I jumped on it quickly! They barely arrived earlier today, so I’m just super excited to try them on!