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Being Calm

I remember back when I was learning how to drive stick shift, I kept stalling because I would panic at stop lights, trying to get that sweet spot on the clutch. Every time I stalled, I shook my head, turned the ignition, and started again. Several tries, and I eventually got it. Trial and error, learning from my mistakes. The more calm I was, the more confident I was. I also remember times of crazy deadlines, where in high pressure situations, it was always best to take a step back, take a breath, be calm, and continue. Situation wasn’t going to change, only I could. Now take that mentality for swimming. It’s all about being calm and relaxed in the water. This morning’s semi-private session was mainly focused on just that. I was able to stick myself in the deep end and tread (with fins on for now), practiced my breathing, made sure all my fears were gone in the deep end. I was definitely more comfortable submerging myself in my exhales, then kicked up for air when I needed to. My breathing rhythm has dramatically improved, and my stroke and body position improved. In the back of my mind though, a hugh motivator, is that these classes are expensive, and I HAVE to improve, or else it’s just more $$ out of pocket. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ll be ok, and that I will eventually float. My instructor had me practicing on body rotation on the strokes, which I had a much better feel for towards the end. A little TMI, but those fins messed up my feet as I had a few cuts from all the movement. Maybe I just need to remove them next time!