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I’d Rather Take The Stairs

I made an interesting observation was made at the Las Vegas Marathon Expo earlier this month. Almost all of the attendees who had the goodie bag (meaning they were registered for the race) were taking the stairs. People who didn’t (possibly spectators, friends & family) took the escalator. Hmm… well, well. What do you think about that? I also find myself not really minding parking really far at the grocery store, or the mall. I’ve pretty much made it my routine every morning, to park on the 4th floor of my work parking structure, and use the stairs. I’m not talking a slow leisurely walk down the stairs either. I try to go down as fast as I can, making sure my heart rate is up by the time I’m done. Why? It wakes me up. It’s a great start to a workday. Also, on my way home, there’s another way, using the rooftop access, then taking the stairs down the parking structure. You know, after have trained for hundreds of miles, and ran a few 26.2s, what’s a flight of some stairs?


  1. Grace Modino says:

    I agree! I’m the same way too! I remember I hated parking
    so far or having to walk up and down stairs. Now, I’m always
    looking forward to stairs. 🙂