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Just In Case

You see, there’s a HUGE opportunities in the endurance sports world for products because most of us are willing to try just about anything from weird balance bracelets, organic energy bars, shoe inserts that make you run faster, and so on. We love to use trial and error until something sticks. Believe me, I’m one of those people. I’ve got tons of running watches, water belts, and sunglasses. I never get tired of marathon health expos because most of the stuff in there are so entertaining. Some funny, some interesting, some… well, I end up buying. What you see above was something I saw a few years ago, but never thought of even buying because I would always carry my ID anyway. The risk of me getting hurt on a jog, I felt very unlikely, because to tell you the truth, I always ran in groups anyway. I hardly went on any midweek runs on my own, and if it was too dark, I’d just skip it (oops! don’t tell my coaches!). Now, there’s more of a risk because it’s easy to fall behind or stray off course on a bike route, especially if there’s no sweepers, or support staff following stragglers in their car.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so I bought a RoadID Anklet. They also sell bracelets, but since I already wear my running watch, I didn’t want to get any more arm band tans! It’s a “Just In Case” bracelet that contains my name and emergency numbers, and precautionary info (I don’t have any allergies or anything). I even put my Twitter name just for fun. It is made of durable components that will withstand training, and it was highly recommended by my IronTeam coaches as well. I hope that I never really use this, but it’s good to know that the right people will be contacted if anything happens.