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Running in the Rain

I don’t know how I got past four years of running without having to run in the rain. The closest I ever got was in Alaska, where it started to sprinkle just a little before the race. All the other times I rained for practice, I was probably out of town. This morning, I finally got to run in the rain. Yes, another first. It was quite refreshing though. Splish splashing around, occasional mud, cars driving by splashing water. Good times. Brought back memories again of childhood just playing in the rain after school, having to walk home.

We met at Ocean & San Vicente again, then we ran up 15 minutes and back, for a total of an hour. Going up San Vicente was a little more challenging because it was slightly uphill, but I enjoyed the way back, downhill. Wearing my rain jacket kept the rain out, but it also kept the heat in. I felt really good most of the time as I only had to stop for walks early with intervals, and a few stoplights, but I was able to stick to a constant pace throughout. I’m thinking it’s the cross training with swimming & biking that is definitely helping my run, much more than just doing other runs in between.

After the run, we all gathered around Coach Brad in the rain, and he explained some nutrition basics. You know, what to eat and what not to eat, before, during, and after workouts. Everyone has a unique nutrition goal and capacity, so we’re supposed to testing as training goes by, to see what we can tolerate or not. I already know what I can or can’t do on runs, but I know with adding swim & bike, it’s going to change. In triathlons, nutrition helps set you up for the next sport. Nutrition is pretty much the 4th discipline in triathlons because it weighs equally as important.

View photos of us running in the rain!