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Masters Swimming

Nope, that’s still not me in that image. That’s what I found out I need to be working on though – trying to get to my side after a stroke. Once I get that down, I can finally breathe correctly. Determined to get my swim down, I went to Equinox’s pool after work, and it just so happens that the Masters Swim class was at 7pm. No one showed up to the class, but the instructor was happy to show me some drills and pointers since he was there. I’m finally swimming getting from one side to the other, but still very sloppy. He pointed out my head has to stay underwater, like as if I was on a skewer, and I turn side to side. That was the same comment that Coach Jason told me a few days ago too. Everything still wasn’t fluid. When I was concentrating on my arm stroke, I stop kicking, and sometimes I even hold my breathe trying to get to point to point. I still have to work on getting relaxed in the water, and I don’t have to be in a rush to get to the other side. I had a few good strokes in, but inconsistent. The instructor said that once I get my head position correctly, things will eventually come together. I’m just glad I know exactly what to do, I just have to keep practicing. It’s almost like when I was first learning how to drive stick, it was choppy at first, but now it’s effortless and I don’t even think about it. That’s my goal.