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RNR Las Vegas Half Marathon

The last time I was in Vegas was for my brother in law’s bachelor party just two weeks ago. We partied hard for sure, so much that I didn’t mind what we did this past weekend. The main reason why I signed up for this race in the first place was to complete the Rock N Roll Heavy Medal Series. That is, if you complete 7 Rock N Roll events (half or full) in one calendar year.

I flew into Vegas right after our Saturday IronTeam practice, and went straight to the Health Expo. I dunno, I can never get tired of those things! By the time I met up with my friends, they were already pretty drunk, so I had a few catch up drinks before dinner. Oh man! Carbed up with a pasta dinner, and everyone started to pass out by 9pm. What!?? It’s Vegas! I was ok with it though because of the bachelor party, but damn, 9pm! I don’t even sleep that early for full marathons. Oh well, I needed some rest anyway.

Running 13.1 this early in the IronTeam season was a big no-no according to the training schedule (Shh! Don’t tell my coaches!), but I wasn’t trying to PR this race anyway. One hour was scheduled in my training, so I took it pretty easy. All I pretty much did the day of was focus on my cadence. At first try I was at 87 steps per 30 seconds. Target was 90, the magic number of running efficiency. It was a fun time finishing off the 2010 running year passing by Caesar’s Palace, Wynn, Aria, and other hotel favorites. Being sober made me realize how far hotels REALLY were, unlike being at a drunken state after a full night of partying, thinking, “Oh, Mandalay Bay isn’t THAT far!.” It really did feel weird though to be running on the Vegas strip that early in the morning. I mean, the only times I’ve been out this early in Vegas was coming out of some afterhours club like Drai’s, or strip club. Oops… did I just say that? I mean, scrapbooking conventions.