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Try and Try Again – Our First Team Ride

What you see above was seconds after Coach Brad said, “Ok, let’s start our warm up ride in the parking lot.” and seconds before I fell infront of the whole team, trying to clip into my pedals! This morning was the first of many things in my IronTeam adventure. First time putting on the bike rack on my car (I was afraid my car was too small for such a thing), first time wearing all my apparel I bought at Performance, first time using my cadence computer, you get the picture. Pretty much everything was a first today. The first bike fall of the season was the highlight. Not only did I fall once, but I fell again because I unclipped right, then leaned to the left. Ouch! I cut my knee a bit, but I gotta get up and try, try again. After a quick Biking 101 by Coach Rob, we rode for an hour and a half, for a total of 18ish miles. It was my first time feeling how 15mph felt, which was my target pace for the event, and it wasn’t bad at all. I was messing around with my gearing, which I had no idea how to use. I was so nervous on the bike, that my hands hurt from gripping so hard, and I never let go to take a drink, which is big, big no-no! We had a lot of support staff on hand, so the practice overall went smoothly. I gotta say though, that I really like the bike aspect of triathlons!

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