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Am I at a Vacation Resort?!

Determined to improve my swim, I went to my gym (Equinox South Bay)’s rooftop pool for the first time this morning. Whoa! I was blown away! It kinda looked like a nice resort, or a downtown LA rooftop pool, like the W or The Standard. Nice! I could get used to this. The point from the locker room to the actual pool was pretty cold (LA cold that is), but the pool itself is heated. One girl was swimming, but I don’t think many people utilize it, which is great for me! Less people to see how bad my swim technique (or lack of it) is. I took one of those floaty boards and just practiced getting my flutter kick the whole time. Our drills at this point doesn’t include any arm movement (yet), but it focuses on getting horizontal in the water, and being able to efficiently kick in the water. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick… until I was somewhat used to it. By the end of the hour and half, I was actually better! As long as there’s some improvement, I’m happy.

Kick, kick, kick… keep on kicking.