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First IronTeam Session

Just a few days ago, my Athens Greece trip ended (more on that later). Today was our first session for the Team in Training IronTeam 2011 season. Everyone was shy at first, just like all first classes or first sessions of anything, but there were some opportunities to mingle and chat. Met a wide range of endurance sport experiences from beginner swimmers (like me), people who have done century rides, people who have only done a 10k run, people who haven’t bought a bike yet, people who have joined for the cause, and people who are transitioning from the TNT tri team.

Once it started, we did a quick intro roundabout with the staff and coaches, then talked about what to expect. After mentor breakout sessions, there was a bicycle 101 by Helen’s Cycles talking about our bike options and accessories. Very helpful & exciting stuff! Can’t wait to see what the road lies ahead!