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Running Podcasts

I get a lot of my running information from various running websites, blogs, youtube, and other fellow runners. One avenue of information that I have been neglecting are the podcasts. I just started to listen to the top ones ranked by iTunes users, and so far it’s been very useful.

My first one I subscribed to is The Runners Roundtable. It’s a live show of runners from around the world share tips and tell their stories. It sounds like a conference call with 3-4 people, so you’ll get the usual blunders and mess ups, but that’s the beauty of these podcasts. It’s very genuine.

What sparked my interest is their latest topic on social media with runners. They expanded on Twitter, Facebook, and other niche social sites. They interviewed Phil from RuncastTV, a social video site by runners for runners. He talked about how the whole idea started from Last.fm. He noticed that after a Radiohead concert, many people uploaded videos and photos from that event, so he brought that same idea to the running community. I’ve checked out and signed up for RuncastTV (it’s free!), and although the interface is quite simple, there seems to be a growing community of runners. I’m member #228. It’s a great site to see the different sights and sounds from other runners from around the world!

Check it out –The Runners Roundtable