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The $5 Project

I begin to wonder what IS the tipping point in which people will decide to donate or not. $1 (Erin’s The Dollar Project) is a good number because people pretty much give dollars away at parking meters, drop loose change in their cars and couches, and more. $2.62 (Jamie) took that idea to another level, and put a marathon theme to it (a marathon is 26.2 miles. get it?). My friend Channing took it to another level and brought it up to $5. What is $5 nowadays? It won’t even get your 2 gallons of gas, nor a bottle of beer (except Happy Hour) at a bar. She keeps it to a very affordable amount, and if everyone she tells donates, she will get to her goal pretty quickly.

There’s many factors to many people’s donation decisions such as personal connection to the cause, personal connection to the participant, external factors such as their own financial situation, and sometimes just by the way someone campaigns their marketing. This is where the themed campaigns work best. I mean, you could be in competition with the runner next to you, and by personal experience, a majority of people will not have a thought out campaign other than having a story of why they run, and who it’s for. Sometimes it IS that extra bit of creativity that will get someone to donate to you.

Visit my friend Channing’s Fundraising Page. She’s training for the Honolulu Marathon coming in a few weeks, so any help is much appreciated!