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The Return of the Spin

24CycleLast week my first spin class, aka 24Cycle, at 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica literally kicked my ass! I wasn’t giving up there! Just like my first day at TNT, which I thought was HELL, I was struggling so badly. I know it just takes some dedication and motivation to keep coming back. I always look back at my marathon experiences, thinking to myself, “If I can do 26.2 miles, I can do this!”.

So today after work I returned to the 24Cycle class, very determined to get a great workout, and hoping that I will see (or feel) some kind of improvement. It was a different instructor, so the interval routines were slightly different, but just as challenging. I noticed that we didn’t have to turn up the resistance as much my previous instructor, but focused more on speed bursts and very, very slow controlled movements. I’m not complaining though. It didn’t kick my ass as much as last time, but it was still one great workout. Hydration definitely helped me out (I forgot it last time).

I’m sold. I’m determined to take this class AT LEAST 2x a week, whether it be in the early morning, or after work. I highly recommend this for a high intensity, fat-burning workout!