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Out Of The Hump

hump.jpgTonight we had a fundraiser before the Strength & Conditioning class at the Rubios across the street at The Howard Hughes Center in LA. Whoever brought in a TNT flyer will get a cut of the money made that night from 6pm – 8pm. This kicked off my fundraising as I haven’t really started yet (OOPS!). Class started at the usual 8:30pm time and we did the usual exercises, but for some odd reason, Byong and I had a really hard time with the leg raises. Could it be all the partying last weekend? I know alcohol messes with your metabolism, but 4 days later? That bartender must have slipped something in there!

After the workout, I felt pumped to do a mid-week run. When I got home, I chatted a little bit online, browsed a few sites (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter… my usuals), and decided to go run. Yes, midnight. According to our training schedule, we’re supposed to bring in 30 minutes of running, and I did it! It was midnight, but I didn’t care. I used my cadence tactics from Sunday, and it’s working very well. My tempo has improved, and I can feel my cardio stepping it up a notch. Sweet! At this point, I can say I have surpassed my hump. The hump of willingness to go run. All I ever think about now is getting home from work to get in that run.

Here’s a “hump” video for your viewing pleasure: