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XTraining With Crunch

Crunch Gym In the beginning of February, representatives of Crunch, a gym in Hollywood, offered to give all employees a one month complimentary pass. February flew by so fast, and time’s running out! I finally decided to go since today was scheduled to be a “rest day” or a “crosstrain day”. It’s somewhat on the way home, it’s free, I’ll get some cardio in, and there won’t be traffic when I’m done. How can I resist? I looked at the classes online and at 8pm there was something called “Raw Groove.” Fair enough, that’s what I decided to do.

The gym is somewhat small, but seems to have a wide variety of things to do. It had all the machines and weights of what you’d expect from a gym. What sets itself from 24 Hr Fitness or LA Fitness is the amount of classes they offer, multiple rooms for classes, they have a boxing ring, and it has that sense of “Hollywood” style. Not sure if that last one is a good or bad thing. No one really hassled me about signing up for a year contract which some gyms do. I had some time to kill before my class, so I worked on my shoulders with some of the machines.

I felt a little weird when I first entered the class because aside from the instructor, there were only 2 other guys… and there were oh, 30 other girls. 10 girl to 1 guy ratio? Oh darn, right? Who am I to complain? Once the music started though, I knew I wasn’t in a “beginner” class. I eventually got used to the moves, after a few moments of just standing there, and some times when I’d spin the wrong way. Damn, they were making some difficult “U Got Served” moves to Justin Timberlake, Flo Rida, Mary J Blige, and more. I came to realize how uncoordinated I am, but it was really fun. Watch out now, I’ll bust some of these moves out in the clubs! There were so many 8 counts, jumps, spins, and hits for a whole hour.. it was a well worth cross train session and was a good break from the running monotony. Tomorrow night’s classes: Cardio Tai Boxing, or Pole Dancing?