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Dread The Treadmill

The treadmillOne of the requirements of our training, outside of the Sunday long runs, is to run on your own at least 3x during the week. Because of my pretty hectic work schedule (not really… it’s the commute that kills my free time), I tend to just train on the treadmill over at 24 Hour Fitness. It’s been months since I’ve been on the treadmill, and today, since I got out of work early, I decided to get back on that treadmill.

Ok, what am I doing wrong? Why is it that I’m having difficulty running on a treadmill when it’s “supposed” to be easier. People say it’s the lazier way to run (Like my photo in this post?). Not too sure about that. Maybe I’m just used to running on pavement now that running on that treadmill makes my body go, WTF? After 15 minutes my legs got used to that weird impact, but it left me wondering if my running form on the pavement is different than in the gym? Or maybe I’m just paranoid because that cute girl was running on the treadmill next to me.