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Work That Core!

Sit UpsStrength Training 1
Today was the first day of Strength & Conditioning, which will be for a few weeks, every Wednesdays, at the Spectrum Club at the Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles. The thing about it is that we don’t have to be members of the gym to work out there (there’s a list of allowed TNT participants at the front desk). The class mainly consisted of calisthenic exercises such as stomach crunches, bridges, planks, and more. It reminded me of a Power Yoga class I took a few years ago. The room was packed with the Team on yoga mats, working out to Marcela’s choice selections from “Step Up 2 The Streets” movie soundtrack.

I can understand the importance of these workouts, as I remember during my first marathon, my leg muscles were one of the first to give out. In addition to these exercises, I plan to add some machine workouts to strengthen my legs.